Saturday, May 08, 2010

Relax, It's Just Sex

It's no secret that most of my blog topics are sexually related. I actually go out of my way to find some of the weirdest shit possible to talk about on here. People have asked me before why I choose sex as my main topic for this site. My question is, "Why not?"

In America, sex is such a taboo topic among a lot of people. Unlike many European countries, where its residents are more open to more dialogue about sexuality, people are so tight-lipped here it's almost sickening. I think because people are too afraid to talk about sex, people are therefore uneducated about certain....effects of sex. Promiscuity, living on the "down low," unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases are all on the rise, and while I don't have exact statistics, I am pretty confident that our European counterparts aren't experiencing the same level of increases.

I think that we need to talk about sex more. No, I don't mean ho shit. I mean genuine, conversations about human sexuality in general. We need more dialogue. We need more education. We also need to be less judgemental of the topic. That's where the education part comes in. We have the power to teach each other an incredible amount of information if we put aside our inhibitions and just talk.

As far as this blog goes, I will continue to educate people on the stupidity of society. I like my weird and sometimes funny entries. I mean, somebody's gotta report on it. But you get my point. As my homegirls Salt n Pepa once said, "Let's talk about sex baby!"

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