Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just in time for Father's Day

I must thank my good friend, Haitian Goddess (again, a codename), for presenting me with this little treat to share with you guys.

Guys, have you ever been alone, having some well deserved....."me" time, and thought, "Hey, I'm sick of my own hand jerking me off. What can I do?" Until now, my answer would be to either get a life, get a wife, or get a hooker. But now I have a LOVELY alternative to those three things.

Introducing the Kayden Kross Hand Job Sex Toy!!!

Nicknamed "The Stroker," this little trinket features the hand of pornstar Kayden Kross, who recently gave an Oscar-worthy performance as Elin Nordegren in the Epic film, "Tiger's Wood." Basically, it's a hand that is wrapped around a thin layer of plastic that you slip your junk into and go to town.

I personally don't see the point of this. It's either my hand, or someone else's hand. No need for a fake hand to help me get off especially if I have to use MY HAND to hold this fake hand. But to each it's own. Snatch one up for your dad this Father's Day. You're welcome Dad!!!

1 comment:

Brian H. said...

Ew. My dad would die if I even kidded with him about this!