Saturday, November 29, 2008


Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? The tell-tale signs have been showing up around me for a bit, from my BlackBerry telling me how many times an incorrect password has been entered before the correct one was entered (that’s why they’re called Smartphones), to people asking me strange questions they wouldn’t normally ask (like they’re asking for someone else). It’s kinda funny, being spied on that is. It makes me wonder what I’m gonna do next. I see you watching me. LOL

Even as I get ready to go out and celebrate a friend’s birthday tonight, I know that I’m being watched. When I step into the club, the little spies will be focused on me for the entire evening. I hope they bring their video phones. Maybe I’ll give them a show. I wouldn’t want to disappoint them.

Stay Tuned….

Freedom to be Me

I put my all in it, and I lost myself in it. It always happens, but this time I realized it before they screwed up. And I screwed up instead. Then I realized that it wasn’t me who screwed up. The person who screwed up is in my body, but it is not me, for I wouldn’t do it. I did, however, allow this person to take hold of me. And now I’m kicking him out. He’s leaving. I’ll be free. For once in my life….I’ll be free to be me.