Friday, August 31, 2012

Real Talk: 4th Edition

Wow! Tomorrow is September first. While most folks are heading out of town to celebrate Labor weekend and anxously posting vacation pics on Twitter and Facebook (and Instagram), I'll be taking my much needed month-long sabbatical from anything and anything Social Networking related.

This edition of Real Talk is sort of bittersweet. When I first started this one man experiment in 2009, it was based on a bet that I couldn't give up Tweeting for a week. I raised that bet to a month and it included giving up Facebook, Twitter, IMs, AND TEXTING for an entire month...and while it was a difficult task, I survived it. My objectives have changed since then.

This year, time seems to be flying faster than before (probably because I've crossed that 30 threshold) and I've actually been enjoying my time using Social Networking for it's intended purpose: Making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. But taking this break will once again make me appreciate the technology that is readily available to me when I need/want it.

For the next thirty days, if you have my actual phone number or physical address....use it. That's the only way you'll get ahold of me. Meanwhile, I'll be offline trying to enjoy the little bit of summer that's left, including a vacation with the bff....and perhaps a date or two. But that would require someone to go on a date with.

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