Sunday, July 05, 2009

Top or Bottom?

A friend and I were having a discussion last week about gay men being able to be friends with each other without knowing every single detail about their sexuality. I hadn’t given it much thought before, but I can think of several occasions over the years (mainly in Detroit, gotta love my people) where I’ve been asked the same question by my fellow homo-zestual brethren: “Top or bottom?”


Why do you need to know that? We ain’t fuckin, and ain’t gon EVER fuck. So why do you need to know such information within the first 10 minutes of meeting me? Even if there was an inkling of attraction between us two and were considering dating each other, that question is best saved for….not right after “Hi, my name is….”
Now I admit, I do share some things with my closest friends. I mean, I gotta have someone to tell my secrets to. So because I feel so close to my 2.5 readers out there, I’ll share this little secret with you….

Regarding the question at hand, I am…..Sasha Fierce! :0)

Goodnight Everybody!

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the_flawless_1 said...

OMG...I HATE THAT. Why does it matter if I am giving or taking? If we just met...u don't need to know...we not fuckin. I personally believe when the time comes...just get naked and get under the sheets...then see who is on top and bttm...If that question is asked to me in the first week I am done...let me surprise u...