Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where Do Broken Hearts Go

Yesterday sucked.

I'm in the mall trying to de-stress from work, headed to Starbucks and my phone rings. My roommate delivers the worst news of the day: Whitney Houston had died.

I couldn't even think straight....I just had to get off the phone. Not Whitney. I refused to believe it. Then my phone rings again. It's my Best Friend. "Please don't tell me...." I said. "Yup..." was all he could say.

Fuck. It was true. My all-time FAVORITE singer....EVER....was dead.

I felt like a member of my own family had died. In a way, Whitney was family. I grew up with her. Listened to her music repeatedly as a child all the way through to present day. I loved her. There was no other singer like Whitney. And now she's gone.

I can't even phathom to list my favorite Whitney moments, because the list is infinite. But I will list a few:

1991 Billboard Music Awards - She shut it down with a performance of  Lover Man, My Man & All the Man I need.

1994 South Africa Concert - I Have Nothing

Star Spangled Banner

And of Course....

Rest in Peace Whitney. I will ALWAYS love you.

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