Saturday, January 01, 2011

Portrait of a Vain Bitch

Have you ever wanted to take a look at yourself and see how life has affected you over time? At the end of every year there's always someone who says how quickly the year has gone by. "Where did the year go?" Well, to answer that question for me, I'll take a picure of myself every day and post them here for my millions of readers to view in all their glory. LOL.

Yes...I'm a vain bitch. I'll be the first to admit it. If I don't love me, who will? But that's only part of the reasoning behind this project. In addition to wanting more pictures of myself to exist, I want to be able to see the feelings behind the picture. A way of reflecting on the year, so to speak. And it also guarantees that I'll be updating this damn blog at least once a day. So there.'s pic number one.
V is for Vanity.

Happy New Year!

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