Tuesday, April 07, 2009

When Animals Attack...

This is exactly why I don't mess with wild animals...

A FEISTY raccoon has bitten off a pervert’s PENIS as he was trying to rape the animal.
Alexander Kirilov, 44, was on a drunken weekend with pals when he leapt on the terrified – but toothy – fur ball.
“When I saw the raccoon I thought I’d have some fun,” he told stunned casualty surgeons in Moscow.
Now Russian plastic surgeons are trying to restore his mangled manhood.
“He’s been told they can get things working again but they can’t sew back on what the raccoon bit off," said a pal.
“That’s gone forever so there isn’t going to be much for them to work with."

There are some sick, sick people in the world. I usually like the crazy type, but this is too much for me. His dick must have been a solid 2 inches for him not to be able to score human pooty-tang. Serves him right...No means no!

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